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Kelli Thomson Wow! How awesome! Thank you 🖤❤️ what an absolutely incredible place to be a part of, we are just so very lucky and grateful for everything the whole team puts in. Such a generous prize! Donna Simmonds you are just amazing. I love the community spirit that came together yesterday to help out others who are struggling. Betty Bentley Dance Academy are the best ❤️🖤❤️


Kerrie Colwell

We have been apart of the Betty Bentley Dance Academy for thirteen years. Teleya has developed confidence, inspiration, lifetime friendships and an amazing talent to compliment her love of dance. The commitment and dedication of Donna and her teaching staff shines through all the children. Thank you for mentoring and nurturing our kids.


Kelli Thomson

My daughter has been dancing at Betty Bentley for 6 years. Donna and her team of amazing professional dance teachers provide exceptional tuition but above all they truly care for and nurture my child and provide a safe, supportive enjoyable environment for her and her classmates where they learn, they have fun and they are always super excited to come along to dance. I cannot recommend Betty Bentley enough and I am forever grateful that we came across it all those years ago.


Dominica Soroka

We have been involved with Betty Bentley dance academy for the past 6 years. Donna is caring, dedicated and professional and leads an amazing group of teachers and students. Her professionalism, dedication and commitment to students’ dance progress and skills is second to none. Above all, my daughters go to dance every week feeling safe and happy and this is why they thrive. The environment encourages all students to succeed while developing a passion and a love for dance.

Brenda Barrett

Betty Bentley Academy is amazing. We joined back in 2012 and we are still attending. Rebekah has danced all through the holidays. Donna and all the teachers are amazing and Rebekah has improved so much since we first started. She is so excited and looking forward to the concert at the end of the year.
If anyone is looking for a dance school this is the One.


Chloe Johnson

Both my girls have danced at betty Bentleys for years and have loved every minute of it. The school is very professional and the teachers are fabulous. My girls love to dance. �


Jamie Dabinet

My daughters have been at betty Bentley since 2006. A fantastic dance school, with a friendly atmosphere. 
Lovely professional teachers. My girls have excelled in their dancing, with one attending a specialist dance high school all thanks to Donna and her staff! The end of year performance is spectacular! I would highly recommend this dance school.


Katrina Mohsenin

We have been at Betty Bentley Port Kennedy for 7 years and we have loved every year we have been there. The dance teachers are so supportive of the kids in their achievements and their support leads to the pride the kids have in attending Betty Bentley and achieving their goals and dreams. Thank you so much to Donna and all the wonderful teachers it always brings a tear of joy to our eyes to see how hard not only our girls have worked through the year but everyone's kids when you watch that end of year concert. Words can never cover how much Betty Bentley means to our kids!


Marnie Horton

My daughters have been attending Betty Bentley in PK for 10 years now. It’s an amazing school with dedicated teachers who instilled a love of dance in my girls. The focus on high quality teaching, exams and end of year concert is second to none. We highly recommend this dance school.


Scarlett Garside

We would like to pass on our thanks to all the Teachers throughout the year & those helpers involved in the concert. 

This was Scarlett's first year of dance and she has absolutely loved coming ever week, Mondays have been the highlight of her week all year & she speaks so highly of her teachers. She has been looking forward to the concert for a long time and after rehearsals on Monday the excitement continued to build. I attended on Thursday & Lindsay my wife attended on Friday and we were both amazed by the performances. 

The enjoyment and confidence Scarlett has gained & then transferred to all areas of her learning has been great to see this year. 
We are now on the countdown until Dancing starts again next year.

Kim Geling


Betty Bentley Dance Academy has been a part of our lives for around 15 years and our experiences have been all positive.

The teachers are well qualified, experienced and love their work, creating a friendly and comfortable learning environment for all students. In all the years that our two girls have been dancing we have never considered changing dance schools.


Our girls live to dance and we credit that passion to Donna and her team.

Taylah & Emily Geling

so so so amazing, everyone here is part of a big family.  Concerts are always amazing. Love the staff because they are so understanding.  PLEASE never ever close this studio.

Kerrie Colwell

My daughter has been dancing with Betty Bentley for 13 years.

We count our blessings daily for the journey which has bought so much joy, love and happiness into our lives. The teaching staff are dedicated, devoted and committed to both the professional technique of dance and enriching our children's happiness, confidence and self esteem.


My daughter has grown into a beautiful dancer and now also attends a specialist dance high school. Another amazing life experience thanks to her dance classes at Betty Bentley.

Thankyou as always and we can not wait for another amazing, simply brilliant showcase at the concert.

Pamela Slawinski

Betty Bentley Dance Academy is a sensational happy friendly place for anyone of any age to learn to dance. The teachers are all well trained and very capable in all areas of dance.

Helena Kemp

At Betty Bentley Dance al the girls are friends and they all get along. The staff are also friendly and easy to approach when you need help and advice.

Michelle Hawking

I have been nothing but happy at Betty Bentley.  My children have a a fantastic dance education for reasonable fees.  I love the friendly staff and non competitive environment and strong emphasis on technique. 

i would highly recommend Betty Bentley to anyone looking for a dance school.

Lynsey McCord

Scarlett has been a Betty Bentley Team member for 5 years.  we have enjoyed working hard for our yearly concerts which is an amazing day.  Her needs are fully taken into consideration and her teachers have a great understanding.  The prices are reasonable.  I would strongly recommend Betty Bentley Dance Academy.

Danielle Dolan

My daughters have been at Betty Bentley dance Co for 3 years.  During this time Donna & her staff have proven to be extremely  caring, supportive and successful dance teachers.  From my experience I can confidently say Donna is well respected and adored by the students and parents.  I beleive

Donna always has her students best interest at heart.

Gena Crawford

It's fantastic to know my daughter is being taught to dance by the same school and in some cases influenced by the same teachers I had forty years ago.  The longevity of Betty Bentley Dance Academy shows through all the dancers.  Their creative style, discipline and love for dance that they receive here will stay with them forever.

Lynelle Walker

My daughter & I both enjoy coming here. I would recommend Betty Bentley to everyone.  Lilly has tried many other things but Betty Bentley is the only thing she has stuck with.

Linda Miranda

I have no hesitation in recommending Betty Bentley Dance Academy to my friend and family.  Donna is always looking out for her students with their interest a priority.  My daughter has grown in self confidence since starting dancing. She enjoys every class especially the end of year concert.

Marnie Horton

We have been a member of the Betty Bentley Dance family for 7 years.  During that time we have enjoyed watching our daughters grow and develop into skilled, confident little dancers under the tuition of the patient and caring teachers. we love being a part of the Betty Bentley Family.

Hannah Scott

My two girls love coming to dance here at Betty Bentley.  They have fantastic staff who my children can relate to and enjoy coming to classes each week.  I'd recommend to everyone.

Kelli Thomson

Betty Bentley Dance Academy has taught my daughter the value of dedication and hard work.  They have created a fun learning environment that she is so passionate and enthusiastic about being in.


Donna & her staff are incredibly nurturing and caring.  My daughter has made lifelong friendships through dancing here that will support her as she grows. I highly recommend this exceptional dance school.

Melissa Perry

We chose this Academy because we knew our daughter would be taught the correct techniques of Ballet & Jazz.  Aleesha has learnt so much in the few years  she has been with the Academy and has formed a love & passion for dancing.

The Instructors in each level are friendly and experienced. in addition , staff are professional dancers  so our children have a professional dancer to emulate.  They use positive reinforcement and children are corrected with the utmost care.

Jill Safe

Betty Bentley Dance Studio always have the students best interest at heart.  The studio has a family atmosphere and the students learn discipline and respect. My girls girls have a great love for dancing and that helps with their fitness.

Emma Lupino

Donna, just wanted to let you know how  grateful we are for you and your commitment to the holistic development of young dancers.


Your student teachers are set an excellent example of personalisation and attention to detail.

They, like you, make an effort to get to know every child in the class and ensure that each child is given an opportunity for success in the class (class sizes also help ensure that everyone is given the necessary attention for improvement to take place)


Near enough is not good enough but this is delivered in a caring way and it shows at your end of year performance the standard or work was so very high even in the younger years. Your no nonsense attitude quickly stamps out the opportunity for bullying and creates a beautiful atmosphere where students are focussed on bettering themselves and are quick to recognise and congratulate others on their achievements.


I love that you expect everyone to work hard and that your students learn that it is only through hard work and dedication that great things happen!!


You are kind to parents!! By this I mean your exemplary organisation and finishing on time means that my life is easy regardless of how many classes Ana takes :)


Your show has a beautiful pace and no unnecessary fluff!! It is a beautifully entertaining and flawless show that truly demonstrates the hard work of teachers and students.


Five years ago when we were moving Ana from a dance school in Rivervale to Rockingham I was given two recommendation . I am so very very please that you were the first to reply to my answering machine message!! You are one amazing lady and we are so lucky to have such beautiful role model in Eliana's life :) 

Maddie Hoes


Not once, since the day I started dancing at the age of four, have I ever considered leaving Betty Bentley Dance Academy for another dance studio.

It is an absolutely fantastic dance school with a beautiful, warm atmosphere that makes you feel like you are a part of a huge family.


The teachers are so kind and friendly and they genuinely care about their students. They are absolutely dedicated to bringing out the best in every dancer and I honestly can’t speak more highly of them!The exam work during the year is fantastic for developing the skills and techniques that are needed to grow as a dancer but it is the end-of-year concert that is the true highlight. Students, teachers and parents alike all enjoy it immensely; it is so much fun and something the whole school looks forward to every year!I would highly recommend Betty Bentley Dance Academy to anyone who is interested.


If I could give it six out of five stars, I would.

 Grace Hoes


I would definitely recommend Betty Bentley Dance Academy to every aspiring dancer. Having been at the dance school for 10 years, I feel like part of the family. The dance school has a wonderful atmosphere and all the teachers are absolutely beautiful and very talented. Their dedication and love of every student is incredible and they work so hard to make sure that every young dancer reaches their potential.The look of joy on all the dancers’ faces during the end-of-year concert says it all.


Betty Bentley is a great dance school without all the pressure of competitions, rather, it focuses on the enjoyment and love of dance.


Dancing at Betty Bentley Dance Academy is amazing and I wouldn’t ever want to go anywhere else.

Sammy Griffiths
I have danced at Betty Bentley Dance Academy for 20 years. I have never thought, not for even a second, of leaving. The teachers are amazing and go above and beyond what is asked of them. When it comes to their students, no task is too hard or too great. The teachers never give up and strive to help in anyway they can.
The studio feels like a family, where everyone helps out and pitches in where they are needed. During the year I am at the studio almost everyday of the week. The studio is my second home and I love it there. It is a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere all year round.
The annual concert is a major highlight for all students and teachers, where we show case to all our friends and family the hard work and dedication for the past year. I highly recommend Betty Bentley Dance Academy to all who wish to start dancing or wish to come back and revitalise their love for dance.
Katrina Mohsenin
We have had our eldest at Betty Bentley for 6 years now and 3 years for our youngest - we absolutely love the teaching staff and atmosphere that the dance studio has - it's not just a place for the kids to do dancing, it's a place for the mums and dads to meet and make lifelong friends and the amazing concerts at the end of the year are just the icing on the cake to see their smiling faces and the progress they have made.

You won't be disappointed with Betty Bentley Dance Academy it truly is an inspiring place for your children to grow as dancers!


Kay Felsteada
My Grandchild Emily goes to this dance studio and it is the best. We have so much fun and have great teachers! 
 Jill Kildea
My daughter is attending this Dance Academy and has been for many years. The dance instructors are friendly, helpful and love working with the kids and helping them improve their dance skills.
The end of year concert is always a delight to watch and you can see by the smiles on the kids faces that they thoroughly enjoy performing and dancing.
Would highly recommend this Dance Academy.


Charlotte Aiberti
Betty Bentley is a wonderful dance school with great teachers that care about their students and want them to become the best dancers they can. They strive to be professional in all they do and pride themselves at their end of year dance concerts.
There is always a friendly face to talk to about any questions that you may have and has a very welcoming atmosphere for all new and existing students.

Ready to Dance?

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