Uniform for Pre Schoolers  

                        Willetton Studio

  • Pink leotard

  • Pink ballet shoes (NOT JIFFIES)

  • Pink tights & crossover in winter

  • Hair tied back






            Port Kennedy Studio

  • Ready Set Dance tutu

  • Tan Jazz shoes

  • Tan tights in Winter

  • RSD X over in winter 

  • RSD Boys

  • RSD T shirt


Uniform for Classical Ballet for Grade 1-8, Foundations & Intermediate 

  • Navy blue sleeveless leotard

  • Pink tights

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Navy blue crossover in winter

  • Black character shoes

  • Hair in a bun


Uniform for Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary & Acrobatics

  • Academy top & ¾ pants NEW DESIGN uniform on order
    (available only at Betty Bentley Studios)

  • Tan Jazz shoes without laces (Jazz)

  • Tan Tap shoes (Tap)

  • Black joggers or Jazz boots (Hip Hop)

  • Black long sleeve T-shirt for winter

  • Hair tied back

  • Acrobatic Juniors - bare feet

  • Acrobatic Seniors - Black Acro shoes




Uniform for Classical Ballet for Pre-Primary & Primary 

  • Pink sleeveless leotard

  • Pink R.A.D Skirt

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Pink tights or pink short socks

  • Hair in a bun







Special Note:

  • Shorts & bare feet are acceptable for the first few weeks, after which all students will be required to dress in correct uniform

  • Please DO NOT wear fancy costumes to class

  • Please mark name on shoes and all items of clothing to enable us to return lost property

  • All leotards & shoes etc can be purchased from:

* Studio Scene (352 Marmion St MYAREE)

* DanceXchange Gympie way Willetton

* Obsessions Dance Wear (Shop 4/5 Albany Highway GOSNELLS)

* Attitude for Dance 0401 359 191 (Bakewell St PORT KENNEDY) 

  • Dance school Port Kennedy, Willetton
  • Dance school Port Kennedy, Willetton